Kamis, Agustus 09, 2007

intermezzo (man with glasses)

it's not a big secret that I admirer men with glassess (not all kali).. it's showed by all my ex bf wearing glasses... he..he..he.. so.. this is why I like them..

the 2 picture above.. Like them in their character from drama (wedding & 1st coffee shop) It seems they will be a good husband, faithfull with their wives, gives much help & cares.. loving care & family man bgt gitu.. blom lagi addie ms.. look smart kan..

nah kalo yg ini.. he's the real one.. my lovely husband with character exactly as I expacted to be a husband... kumauo yoboo..

tp ada jg 2 cowok yg kusuka meski gak pake kacamata.. Yup.. Vic Chou & Lee Dong Gun.. HOREE...


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