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final lead actor/actress Goong2

Characters profiles(Credit Sandy @ purpletiger86 for translating)

Seven aka Choi Dong-Wook plays the character: Lee HooHuh
Lee-Jae plays the character: Yang Soon-Ae (she's the main female lead, since she plays the opposite of Seven)
Kang Doo plays the character: Lee Joon (he's from the group 'The Jadu', but according to that picture of the four leads...he sure doesn't look like Kang Doo, lol)
Park Shin Hye plays the character: Shin Sae-RyungLee Hoo

(Seven): His blood flows in a Royal family, but Lee Hoo doesn't know it. Not knowing that he's a prince, he works at a Chinese Restaurant as a delivery boy...delivering food in the palace. He looks at everything in a positive aspect and is an optimist by nature. Though he's in poverty (poor), he lives every day freely...but one day, something happens and it's the start of his life as a royal.

Yang Soon-Ae (Huh Lee-Jae): Everyone in the neighborhood knows Soon-Ae as an impracticable girl. She thinks preciously of her fraternal twin. But one day, she finds out that Lee Hoo is the boy that she grew up with as a child, and they start their life's together in the palace.

Kang Doo (Lee Joon): To become a prince, he recieved training as a mastery elite. He's a great candidate. Lee Hoo's appearance makes Lee Joon get farther away from becoming a prince. He's a perfectionist.

Park Shin-Hye (Shin Sae-Ryung): Honor and power, Sae-Ryung grew up in a wealthy family. She has never lost first place/spot at school (meaning she's very smart)...she has skills and the looks of becoming prince's wife. She always had the ambition of becoming a royal princess. However, the prince that she has always imagined of is completely different when she see's Lee Hoo's sudden appearance. A change comes to her way.


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